Three Ways Promo Improves Customer Growth

Promotional products are a valuable marketing tool and when used correctly can play an important role in your marketing strategy. And the statistics are out there to prove it – studies by the BPMA have shown that it is an effective advertising medium and continues to give results.

Here are three ways promotional products can improve customer growth:

They make people take action

Promotional products give more of an incentive to take action, over other advertising methods such as TV, online and print as they grab attention and are a constant reminder. 55% of people said they had used a company product/service several times after receiving a product from them.

Taking action

They last longer and are used multiple times

94.1% of recipients say they do not forget the advertiser/product advertised after receiving a promotional product and having it for more than six months. Generally people agreed that they like receiving free products that have an advertising message on them as long as it was good quality and relevant.

Popular products include: Hampers, USBs, Diaries and Notebooks and Mugs. All useful things that are more likely to be kept the longest.


Receiving promo

They invoke loyalty

If you want to encourage repeat purchases or make customers remember you, then promotional products are great for this purpose – 58.6% agree that they are the best advertising tool to inspire loyalty and make people feel appreciated.

Promote loyalty

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