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How do technology and promotional products go together?

At the beginning of the year we saw a lot of ‘Technology Trends for 2016’ articles and how people would be adopting and using them. With global shows such as The International CES (Consumer Electronics Show®) showcasing all the latest innovations in technology, it aims to give an idea of where the industry is headed.  Notable themes coming out of the 2016 CES show included 3D printing, sensors, wearables, robotics, automotive, smart home and the Internet of Things.

Innovations and current trends do have an impact on what buyers look for when sourcing promotional products and gifts to send to their customers and electronic items, such as USBs and power banks, are in the top ten products that people like to receive as freebies. While both are still popular products, other tech merchandise such as virtual reality viewers have become well-liked as branded gifts and are starting to become more prominent in the promotional industry.

Good products will always be the ones that are on brand, are relevant to your audience and meet your marketing objectives, but in a world where technology and devices enable us to make our lives easier, we’ve come up with some tech related promotional products that are currently popular and really useful:


Enyo Bluetooth Headphones

Enyo Bluetooth headphones


Volcano Bluetooth Speaker







Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Viewers

Virtual reality cardboard viewer

Video greeting card / advertising card

video cards






Activity Tracker

Activity tracker Be Fit navy


Custom Powerbank 3D


Smart Home

Port solar charger

Solar panel charger Sun


These products are all examples of higher value promotional merchandise. But before you write them off because of budget, here are some ways you can incorporate them into your marketing:

  • Send out to a very targeted audience with a message that’s customised and relevant to that specific audience. Sending fewer promotional products to a select group of people can lead to a higher ROI than sending promotional products to a broader, less specific list
  • Hold a competition for people to win a prize. A high value and desired item will be popular and you can collect email addresses and other contact information from all who enter to win
  • Give as premium gifts for your most loyal and valued customers
  • Give decision-makers at tradeshows high-value items (and lower value to general visitors), so that everyone goes away with something, enhancing your reputation, increasing sales and loyalty and building valuable relationships.

Want some more great technology product ideas? Get in touch today and we can help you with your next marketing campaign.

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