Six tips to improve your trade show stand

six trade show tips

Using promotional products at your trade show and other events is a great way to provide visitors and audience members with a discernible reminder of your company.

We regularly provide customers with products for a trade show, events and exhibitions and also attend them ourselves! Based on our experience here are six really straightforward tips towards making an event a success.

  1. Plan early

Don’t leave things to the last minute. You’ve invested money and time in the trade show so plan for every eventuality – staff, stand resources, giveaways, data capture etc. Give yourself enough time to source promotional items – most products need at least 1-2 weeks lead time.

  1. Promote your event

Promotional products can be incorporated here, helping to create a buzz about your trade show stand. Some ideas include:

  • send branded products as invitations
  • promote meetings on your stand by sending personalised lanyards – you will easily identify your invited guests
  • hold a competition – guests have to visit your stand and scan a barcode on your promotional item to be entered
  1. Use a good giveaway:

If you’re planning on using promotional items to generate leads on the day then think about the product you’re going to use. It should be relevant, interesting, useful and fun. It’s an inexpensive marketing tool available in such a wide variety of shapes and sizes, that there is something for any budget.

For example If you’re a drinks supplier then a branded cup fits well, but to make it more interesting why not offer a smoothie or soft drink in it to entice people to your stand!

  1. Get something in return:

If you give a visitor a promotional product, ask for their business card or email address in return – this gives you a contact list to follow up after the event and also puts some value on each product. Your promotional products can also work with digital – add a website address, social media handle or a QR code.

  1. Make sure your staff are fully involved:

Remember it’s a sales and networking opportunity so staff who are not comfortable striking up conversation or engaging potential customers won’t work! Wear your name tag so it’s easy to see you are working on the stand.

  1. Always follow up

You’ve had a successful event and got lots of contacts and leads. It sounds simple but follow them up back in the office, even if it’s a simple ‘It was great to meet you’ email. You’d be surprised the number of people who just file this information away in a drawer.

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