Promotional products and direct mail

We still love to get mail. With technology continuing to drive rapid change in marketing and communications planning, traditional media is not disappearing. In fact, mail is thriving.*

With the average unique open rate for direct mail at about 90%, and over half of the population finding printed marketing the most trustworthy of all the channels, then it’s clear it’s still set to be a valuable marketing tool in 2017.

With this in mind, here are five promotional product ideas that are perfect for sending in the mail.

Video Card

Incorporating some 2017 tech advances, this is a new product that is looking like a winner for 2017. Video cards allow you to showcase your brand in a visual way but with the convenience of a direct mail piece! Portable, easily charged and easy playback means this could be the promo product of the year – watch this space.

7 inch video cardPens

Yes they might seem old school, but the pen is still one of the most popular promotional products. You don’t necessarily have to stick to a standard ink faithful – pens on the market now include USBs incorporated in the tips, novelty pens that act as screen cleaners and stylus options to make using your phone a bit easier.

Power-Man-PenDrinking Bottles

OK you’re probably thinking how am I going to mail a water bottle!!! But we are talking about collapsible versions that collapse flat when empty – ideal to keep in a handbag or glove box for a refreshment emergency. Versatile, compact, easy to carry.

folding bottleMagnets

Why not turn your business card into a magnet? This way it can easily be stuck to the fridge and seen every day instead of being chucked in a drawer and forgotten about. This is a low cost promo product that is still surprisingly effective – promotional fridge magnets are kept on average between 6 – 8 years!

1 Fridge Magnets


This is a nice little gift to get people talking or as part of a seasonal campaign such as valentines, Easter and Christmas. From cake pops to mints and nostalgia sweet pots this range is growing in popularity. Nothing like some jelly beans to put a smile on your face!

Jelly bean Pillow pack

*Royal Mail Research

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