Looking for long lasting promotional products? Start with these….


Research from the British Promotional Merchandise Association has shown that promotional products work and the role they can play in the yearly marketing plan.

While a good campaign with a carefully chosen product, which is targeted at a specific audience, is the best way to buy promotional products, the research has shown some products which people said they would most likely keep the longest. (at least a year)

Products kept the longest:

Percentage of products that are kept at least a year

63% said a USB memory stick would be kept the longest

59.8% said a mug

51.9% would keep umbrellas

47.8% mentioned clocks or watches

43.4% said that promotional pens are kept for at least a year

Diaries and calendars are also a great choice as they last for 12 months and provide good brand exposure. 36% of people said that the calendar was a useful product that allowed them to recall the advertiser or the message on it.

Desk Calendar
Desk Calendars are a popular choice







So what promotional products should you buy?

Over 70% of marketers use promotional products as a brand awareness tool and are utilising them for brand awareness giveaways, exhibitions and events, direct mail campaigns and incentive and recognition programmes.

Quality and memorability are two of the key reasons for success when using promotional products, along with something that is useful meaning it’s likely to be kept for longer.

Chat to us about your next marketing campaign. We can provide ideas lists for products that would work and are within your budget.

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