Five myths about promotional products

Five myths about promotional products

Still not convinced that promotional products are an effective marketing technique? These five myths about promotional products are the most common ones we hear, but let us tell you what’s really going on…

They are too expensive

The ROI on promotional products is actually higher than most other forms of marketing communications. When compared with the cost of radio, newspaper or TV advertising, or the competitive nature of internet advertising, promotional products offer fantastic value for money. They can also be used to target more effectively than mass media and there is an opportunity to be much more creative in terms of design – did you know you can also get bespoke products made to order?

They don’t work

A whopping 83% of people have purchased something from a company that sent them a promotional product and 96% agree that they think promotional merchandise increases a company’s brand awareness.

Truck giftYou can’t track results

Sadly, people are still using promotional products as an afterthought for a marketing campaign, or maybe just to use up some remaining budget! Do you know what you want to achieve when buying and sending merchandise? If you don’t, then you’ll have no idea if it worked or not.  Look at the stats given above which shows, used correctly, promo has the opportunity to achieve impressive results.

What is your goal? (Sales, leads, social media followers, brand awareness?) How will you track results? (Website forms, hashtags, signups etc.)


Gift Set
They are a waste of money

If you’ve used the tips above and planned your promotional campaign and your target audience then your products should be a success. 94.1% of people do not forget the advertiser even after they have had their promotional product for more than six months and over half said it gave them the incentive to take action – more than TV, online, print or direct mail.

People don’t use them

The average promotional product is kept for around 6 months (except calendars of course!) but people will keep products longer if they are useful – so the longer they are kept, the more impressions you get! They are also passed along when recipients are finished with them – 67% will give it to someone else rather than throw it away. For example branded bags, on average, generate 4,066 impressions.

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