Contactless cards – are they convenient or risky?

Contactless Card - convenient or risky?

There are numerous articles on the internet talking about contactless cards and the pros and cons.

A few months ago, a post on Facebook claimed someone was using a card reader to steal data from unsuspecting members of the general public on the Tube. The Guardian ran a story last year about contactless cards still being used after being reported lost or stolen, and consumer group Which? reported that card details could be used online by fraudsters – so is it safe to own a contactless card?

contactless cards symbol
The universal symbol used on contactless cards

They are very straightforward to use – you don’t need to verify your details by entering a PIN number – it’s literally a swipe of your card over a card terminal and that’s it. It can only be used for transactions below £30, however this is still a good sum of money to lose if you fall victim to this form of theft. The risk is low, but possible according to Which?

So what’s the answer? You should always take reasonable steps to keep your data secure, and if your card is lost or stolen, report it to your bank as quickly as possible. If you’re making a contactless card payment, you shouldn’t hand over your card to the cashier – check the amount on the terminal is correct and scan your card yourself.

There are specific wallets on the market designed to prevent your card being scanned. This RFID Card Sleeve is specifically designed to shield data stored on an RFID chip with foil technology inside. The sleeve holds standard bank cards and fits easily in your wallet due to its slim design.


RFID Card Sleeve
RFID Card Sleeve


As hackers and scammers come up with additional ways to exploit our personal information, protecting our privacy is essential. Card fraud happens every day and while it’s not always possible to prevent it, we can all take steps to make it tougher for somebody to steal our information.

A branded RFID wallet would make a very unique, innovative promotional or company gift. Contact us for more information or to get a no obligation quote.

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