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How do technology and promotional products go together?

At the beginning of the year we saw a lot of ‘Technology Trends for 2016’ articles and how people would be adopting and using them. With global shows such as The International CES (Consumer Electronics Show®) showcasing all the latest innovations in technology, it aims to give an idea of where the industry is headed.  Notable themes coming out of the 2016 CES show included 3D printing, sensors, wearables, robotics, automotive, smart home and the Internet of Things.

Innovations and current trends do have an impact on what buyers look for when sourcing promotional products and gifts to send to their customers and electronic items, such as USBs and power banks, are in the top ten products that people like to receive as freebies. While both are still popular products, other tech merchandise such as virtual reality viewers have become well-liked as branded gifts and are starting to become more prominent in the promotional industry.

Good products will always be the ones that are on brand, are relevant to your audience and meet your marketing objectives, but in a world where technology and devices enable us to make our lives easier, we’ve come up with some tech related promotional products that are currently popular and really useful:


Enyo Bluetooth Headphones

Enyo Bluetooth headphones


Volcano Bluetooth Speaker







Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Viewers

Virtual reality cardboard viewer

Video greeting card / advertising card

video cards






Activity Tracker

Activity tracker Be Fit navy


Custom Powerbank 3D


Smart Home

Port solar charger

Solar panel charger Sun


These products are all examples of higher value promotional merchandise. But before you write them off because of budget, here are some ways you can incorporate them into your marketing:

  • Send out to a very targeted audience with a message that’s customised and relevant to that specific audience. Sending fewer promotional products to a select group of people can lead to a higher ROI than sending promotional products to a broader, less specific list
  • Hold a competition for people to win a prize. A high value and desired item will be popular and you can collect email addresses and other contact information from all who enter to win
  • Give as premium gifts for your most loyal and valued customers
  • Give decision-makers at tradeshows high-value items (and lower value to general visitors), so that everyone goes away with something, enhancing your reputation, increasing sales and loyalty and building valuable relationships.

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Five myths about promotional products

Still not convinced that promotional products are an effective marketing technique? These five myths about promotional products are the most common ones we hear, but let us tell you what’s really going on…

They are too expensive

The ROI on promotional products is actually higher than most other forms of marketing communications. When compared with the cost of radio, newspaper or TV advertising, or the competitive nature of internet advertising, promotional products offer fantastic value for money. They can also be used to target more effectively than mass media and there is an opportunity to be much more creative in terms of design – did you know you can also get bespoke products made to order?

They don’t work

A whopping 83% of people have purchased something from a company that sent them a promotional product and 96% agree that they think promotional merchandise increases a company’s brand awareness.

Truck giftYou can’t track results

Sadly, people are still using promotional products as an afterthought for a marketing campaign, or maybe just to use up some remaining budget! Do you know what you want to achieve when buying and sending merchandise? If you don’t, then you’ll have no idea if it worked or not.  Look at the stats given above which shows, used correctly, promo has the opportunity to achieve impressive results.

What is your goal? (Sales, leads, social media followers, brand awareness?) How will you track results? (Website forms, hashtags, signups etc.)


Gift Set
They are a waste of money

If you’ve used the tips above and planned your promotional campaign and your target audience then your products should be a success. 94.1% of people do not forget the advertiser even after they have had their promotional product for more than six months and over half said it gave them the incentive to take action – more than TV, online, print or direct mail.

People don’t use them

The average promotional product is kept for around 6 months (except calendars of course!) but people will keep products longer if they are useful – so the longer they are kept, the more impressions you get! They are also passed along when recipients are finished with them – 67% will give it to someone else rather than throw it away. For example branded bags, on average, generate 4,066 impressions.

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Contactless cards – are they convenient or risky?

There are numerous articles on the internet talking about contactless cards and the pros and cons.

A few months ago, a post on Facebook claimed someone was using a card reader to steal data from unsuspecting members of the general public on the Tube. The Guardian ran a story last year about contactless cards still being used after being reported lost or stolen, and consumer group Which? reported that card details could be used online by fraudsters – so is it safe to own a contactless card?

contactless cards symbol
The universal symbol used on contactless cards

They are very straightforward to use – you don’t need to verify your details by entering a PIN number – it’s literally a swipe of your card over a card terminal and that’s it. It can only be used for transactions below £30, however this is still a good sum of money to lose if you fall victim to this form of theft. The risk is low, but possible according to Which?

So what’s the answer? You should always take reasonable steps to keep your data secure, and if your card is lost or stolen, report it to your bank as quickly as possible. If you’re making a contactless card payment, you shouldn’t hand over your card to the cashier – check the amount on the terminal is correct and scan your card yourself.

There are specific wallets on the market designed to prevent your card being scanned. This RFID Card Sleeve is specifically designed to shield data stored on an RFID chip with foil technology inside. The sleeve holds standard bank cards and fits easily in your wallet due to its slim design.


RFID Card Sleeve
RFID Card Sleeve


As hackers and scammers come up with additional ways to exploit our personal information, protecting our privacy is essential. Card fraud happens every day and while it’s not always possible to prevent it, we can all take steps to make it tougher for somebody to steal our information.

A branded RFID wallet would make a very unique, innovative promotional or company gift. Contact us for more information or to get a no obligation quote.

5 ways to personalise your Promotional Notebook

A promotional notebook is a stylish and practical business gift, and it is one of our most popular products! But did you know that you can personalise them beyond putting your logo on the cover?

Here are 5 ways to personalise your Promotional Notebook :

Add a gold or silver foil logo/text

If you are looking for something a little bit different or a special finish, then why not add Foil Blocking to your design? It uses the same technique as debossing, but the difference is adding the colour into the impression – most commonly metallic gold or silver.

Foil Blocking

Choose a bespoke colour

If stock colours are not quite what you are looking for, why not ask for a completely bespoke colour. The lead time may take a little longer, but is perfect if you have a particular brand colour or just want to stand out.

bespoke colour

Add a belly band

Belly bands are an eye catching finishing touch, and adds an extra branding option for advertising, personalisation, or even a special message.

belly band

Add a matching pen

If you have a notebook then you need something to write in it! Add some more value to your notebook with a matching pen to make a lovely gift set.

matching pen

Add advertising / information pages

Can’t fit all you need on to your notebook? Add extra bespoke pages inside with information or graphics that you want your recipient to have. Ideas include company contact pages, events calendars, instruction pages, maps or special offers.

Tip in pages

Our Albany Collection Notebooks can be personalised using all the above techniques! Contact us today for a quote or for more information.

What’s the environmental impact of Rio 2016?


The biggest sport event in the world of 2016 starts on Friday, taking place in South America for the first time in history.

With over 100,000 people directly involved in delivering the Games, including 70,000 volunteers, and more than 15,000 athletes from some 205 nations, how do the Olympics effect the environment?

Here is an interesting infographic from Greenmatch firstly showing the impact on the environment and secondly presenting their respective solutions.

Environmental Impact of Rio2016

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