How your packaging plays a role in marketing

Did you know that your packaging can play a big role in your marketing efforts?

Effective packaging can promote and emphasise your brand, make you stand out from your competitors and make your customers excited about receiving something from you. Think about when you last received a parcel or delivery – did you notice the packaging? Could you instantly recognise who it came from without opening it?

The latest report from IMRG* indicates that most customers would answer yes – but perception about packaging is not getting better. The research suggests unsuitable packaging, even if there is no damage, affects the customers’ opinion of the sender and possibly whether they would buy from them in the future.

Some great examples of creative packaging




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There is a huge opportunity to develop this part of the customer experience. According to The Paper Worker:

  • Around 52 percent of customers would buy a particular brand again if they received the product in premium packaging
  • Some 90 percent of consumers reuse their product packaging after purchase
  • Businesses who have invested in carefully designing their packaging report an increase in interest of up to 30 percent.

If customers are really impressed, then they may even take to social media to share pictures, which of course gets your brand name spread even further. You could even include your social media handles or campaign hashtags to encourage people to share

These figures show that it can play a huge part in brand awareness and attracting attention, and could make the difference when it comes to a repeat purchase by being memorable above your competitors.

Bookwrap Mailers

If you are looking to make a difference to your packaging, then these eye-catching and unique Bookwrap mailers are a great place to start if you want to stand out with premium packaging, for maximum impact with your customers.

packaging book wraps

These Bookwraps can be used for a variety of mailings including catalogues, books, magazines, calendars & diaries, important documents, CDs & DVDs, games and manuals. With a simple peel and seal closure, these mailers couldn’t be easier to pack and open. They can be produced in a variety of sizes and printed full colour with any design or company logo to make a long lasting impression.

If you are looking for a more bespoke product we can help you with that too! Just get in touch with your requirements.

Looking for promotional products perfect for direct mail? Here are some examples:

Albany Notebook

Calendars and Diaries

Temperature Cards

Pens and Writing Products

Sweet Treats


*IMRG UK Consumer Home Delivery Review

Could your packaging be working much harder? If you’d like to find out more about our packaging and bespoke options request a quote or call us on 01452 310030.

How brands use promotional clothing


promotional clothingInfographic courtesy of the BPMA


Buying Promotional Products on a Budget

You don’t have to spend a fortune on merchandise to get noticed! If you are buying promotional products on a budget there are some great tried and tested products that won’t break the bank but can still make an impact in your next marketing campaign.

Compared to other marketing channels, promotional products are still great value for money and make a lasting impact. Get the most out of your products by trying to stick to items that fit with your brand and looking at the quantity – you can usually get a better price if you buy in bulk.


Pens are a great promotion on a budget









In the workplace or at school, there is still need for pens. Pens are still one of the most popular and useful products for promotional purposes, and prices can start from as low as 10p each!


Foam, metal, plastic bespoke shapes…










Think trolleys and bottle openers and a keyring can make a really useful and portable product. With the new pound coin being prepared ready for a 2017 launch, it’s a great time to update your customers with the new trolley coin keyring.


Bags come in all shapes and sizes









These are a great way to promote your brand, especially since the introduction of the 5p bag tax last year. Whether it’s jute, canvas or cotton there is a huge range of promotional bags to suit every budget.


Who doesn’t love a good cuppa?







This long-life product is great for branding awareness – the average British person enjoys 876 cups of tea each year so a branded cup/mug will be used over and over.

These are just some of the more popular low cost product ideas, but with thousands to choose from you don’t need to stick to just these! Take a look at the product catalogue for more ideas or contact us for help with your next campaign.

Spotlight on: Promotional Calendars

Think of promotional calendars and what springs to mind? Celebrities who bring out theirs each year? The Pirelli calendar, arguably one of the most famous?

Whatever you initially thought of, even in a digital age, calendars are still being produced by the millions. Why? Because they are still one of the most useful and relevant products to own. A paper calendar has visual appeal, it’s easy to glance at a date and add notes to without having to open an app or charge up your phone.


Desk Calendar

Face 2 Face 2017 Wall Calendar

Promotional Calendars as promotional gifts

When it comes to keeping your brand in front of your customers, then a promotional calendar is a perfect gift. They are used all year round, are a simple way but useful way to remind people of your company and are fantastic value for money in advertising terms. Each calendar can cost just a few pence compared to other advertising channels and lasts for a whole 12 months!

In a recent survey of by the BPMA*, the question was asked: “If you could only keep one item of promotional merchandise on your desk, which would it be?” The calendar came out with 14% of the vote – second only to the promotional pen at 18%.

BPMA Survey Results snapshot
BPMA Survey Results snapshot

Supplying promotional calendars produced in the UK

JSM has secured a position as one of the exclusive agents for the finest range of calendars in the world which are produced right here in the UK by Allan+Bertram.

Established for more than 50 years, the name is synonymous with excellence, superior quality, gorgeous design and awe-inspiring images. In today’s competitive market setting your brand apart is key. An Allan+Bertram calendar will be valued by your customers; reflecting and promoting your brand all year round.

Allan & Bertram Panorama 2017 Wall Calendar inside
Allan & Bertram Panorama 2017 Wall Calendar inside

Whatever promotional item you choose to send to your loyal customers it will be a reflection of the value of your brand and your reputation. The best gifts are considered useful in everyday life – or edible!*

*British Promotional Merchandise Association Marketer’s Survey

From large wall calendars to desk or pocket calendars, our 2017 range is available now with options to suit every budget. If you’d like to see a sample or would like some more information then please contact us.