Buyers Guide to Promotional Golf Balls

Question 1 “What are the best promotional golf balls?”

Question 2 “Titleist are the best – other brands of golf balls are not as good, are they?

promotional golf balls

These are the two most frequent questions we are asked by marketers sourcing promotional golf balls. So how do you choose which ones are right for you? See the answers at the bottom of the page…

All of the golf ball manufacturers produce a full range of golf balls from the budget distance golf balls to the top of the range golf balls that the professionals play with. The quality of each manufacturer’s golf balls are all very similar. Generally speaking, the more you pay the better the quality and performance. Narrow down your search by the skill level the ball is designed for – do you need something for beginners? Or are your customers more experienced golfers?

If you’re looking to the professionals for inspiration, Rory McIlroy changed from Titleist to Nike (and Tiger Woods has been with Nike since 1997, Luke Donald is loyal to the Titleist Pro V1 x Golf Balls, Phil Mickelson plays Callaway Golf Balls and Graeme McDowell plays the Srixon Z-Star Golf ball.

So, what are the best?

Ultimately the right golf ball is the one that you prefer best, and depending on the standard to which your customers are playing.

Also use the ones that your customers “have heard of” and the price that’s “within budget.”

And Titleist?

It is wrong to compare one company against another, but it is correct to compare the budget ball or the top of the range golf ball from each one, then you have a true comparison.

Titleist would argue that more Golf Professionals on the PGA Tour play with Titleist Golf Balls than any other brand!  This is true and in addition to that fact, Titleist are also the best-selling corporate golf ball by miles…..

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