Why your packaging shouldn’t be forgotten

Do you notice the packaging when you receive a delivery? Can you instantly recognise who it’s come from without opening it?

The latest report from IMRG* indicates that most customers would answer yes – but perception about packaging is not getting better. The research suggests unsuitable packaging, even if there is no damage, affects the customers’ opinion of the sender and possibly whether they would buy from them in the future.

There is a huge opportunity to develop this part of the customer experience, which is why we have introduced our Exclusive Bookwrap Mailers. These eye-catching and unique mailers are perfect if you want to stand out with premium packaging, for maximum impact with your customers.

Bookwrap open          Bookwrap printed example

Bespoke print

While they are not part of the initial buying decision, they can play a part in brand awareness, attracting attention and could make the difference when it comes to a repeat purchase by being memorable above your competitors.

Bookwraps can be used for a variety of mailings including catalogues, books, magazines, calendars & diaries, important documents, CDs & DVDs, games and manuals. With a simple peel and seal closure, these mailers couldn’t be easier to pack and open. They can be produced in a variety of sizes and printed full colour with any design or company logo to make a long lasting impression.

Bookwrap standard closedBookwrap standard open

Standard Bookwraps

Looking for promo products perfect for direct mail? Here are some examples:

*IMRG UK Consumer Home Delivery Review

Could your packaging be working much harder? If you’d like to find out more about our bespoke options request a quote or call us on 01452 310030.

Unusual and fun promotional products

Looking for something a bit different when buying promotional products? With literally thousands of products to choose from, it takes a bit of planning to find the right ones to suit your needs. You are probably aware of the most popular branded merchandise such as pens, notebooks, USBs and bags, but we bet you didn’t know about these unique and unusual promotional gifts…..

Printed Fruit

Yes, you read that correctly. You can literally print your logo directly on bananas, apples, melons, pears and oranges….these all have a shelf life a lot shorter than normal promo, but would be great to use, for example, at sports events or anywhere promoting healthy eating.

branded fruit
Print your logo on a Banana?

Stress Fish Finger

Ok, so a stress ball isn’t strange in itself but the fact that you can get them shaped as a fish finger and fragranced made these stand out. Great for food events or restaurant promotions. You can get stress items in pretty much any shape or size these days, the options are endless.

Branded Stress Products
Feeling peckish?

Jar Scraper

For all those people who can’t quite get the last bit of food out jars or containers, here is your solution – a jar scraper which promises you won’t ever waste another drop.

Jar Scraper
Hate waste, love a random gadget

Heat Change Mug

If you’re looking for something a bit more unusual than your standard mug then this is it. Your design is hidden beneath the surface of the mug and is only revealed when you pour a hot drink inside. Great as a gift and guaranteed to be talked about.

Heat Change Mug
What would you hide underneath?

Desktop Garden

Now can grow your own garden from the comfort of your desk – herbs, a sunflower or even your own Christmas tree!

Desktop Garden
How does your garden grow?

Seen these before? We’d love to know what you think about these products – or tell about any other unusual promo you might have seen!

If you are looking for some creative ideas for your next promotion, maybe this has given you some inspiration. There’s really no limit on how unusual you want your promotional items to be – if it doesn’t exist already then it can be made bespoke.

Have an idea in mind? Contact us to bring your campaign to life!